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cn Jadeblast abrasive
cn Jadeblast abrasive


30/60/80/120mesh   Application derection:Sandblasting /water firltration


CN Jadeblast blasting abrasive consists of a totally naturally occurring blend of Green Almandine Rock Garnet and Red Almandine Rock Garnet, both known for natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics.  

CN Jadeblast is an ideal blasting abrasive free of any heavy metals or toxic components and meets all occupational health and safety requirements.

The unique blend of Green Almandine Rock Garnet and Red Almandine Rock Garnet gives CN Jadeblast a superior cutting speed and surface profile over most commonly used abrasives.

 Jadeblast is a general purpose blasting abrasive used in steel fabrication and bridge maintenance to remove rust, mill scale and weathered coatings.

 Jadeblast, at typically less than 0.5% free silica and total chlorides of typically 10-13ppm, meets even the most stringent industry and military specifications.

 Jadeblast grains clean deep into cavities and pitted areas down to bare metal, thoroughly removing all rust, soluble salts and other contaminants. The blasted surface is free of embedments and free of rogue peaks and troughs. SA3 white metal is achieved easily and an even surface profile of 45-55 microns and 55-75microns.

 Jadeblast is non-toxic blasting abrasive. There is no silicosis hazard, leachable heavy metals or radioactive contaminants.

 Jadeblast is processed to the highest standard of quality to meet strict in-house quality standards, in respect of mineral purity, chloride levels and free silica content.

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