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CN Garnet abrasive
CN Garnet abrasive

CN Garnet



Application direction: Sandblast ,waterjet cutting, water filtration etc


Chemical Composition (Typical wt %)

SiO2               38%

FeO               22%

Al2O3             19%

Fe2O3             3%

MgO              5%

CaO              11%

MnO       less than1%

TiO2              1%

Physical Characteristics

Specific Gravity                      3.9g/cm3

Hardness                           7.5-8.0(mohs)

Chloride Content                     less than 25ppm

Bulk Density                         1.9T/M3(120lbs/ft3)

Color                               Dark red

Conductivity                         less than 25m S/m

Melting Point                        1250(2280)

Grain Shape                         Angular


Mineralogical Composition (Typical)

Almandite Garnet           92%

Green Garnet               5%

Olivine                    1%

Ilmenite                   1%

Quartz            less than 0.3%


CNTM Garnet are composed of natural Almandine rock garnet grains and has been famous for its natural hardness, more angular, sharper edges, durability and abrasive characteristics, that meet all Occupational Health and Safety requirements, as well as being environmentally inert.

Benefiting from its natural almandine rock garnet mine resource in North China, CN Garnet abrasives provide a perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability ensuring optimum abrasive efficiency in terms of lowest abrasive consumption and highest production rates at safe environmental and health conditions.

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