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sandblasting abrasive
sandblasting abrasive

Sandblasting is used to clean surfaces, remove rust, oxidation, or finishes, preparing surfaces for new coating applications. It is highly effective for large equipment, surface prepping and paint/rust removal

General: Garnet is a naturally occuring mineral (Almandine) with very uniform physical chemical and micro-structural properties. There are no free elements, all oxides are combined chemically as an iron rich aliminosilicate.

Grain Shape: Blocky, angular, irregular, conchoidal

Characteristics:  Specific gravity:  4.10

Bulk Density:    2.10 tonne/m3 (finest to coarsest).

Hardness:      7.5 - 8 Moh.

Acid Solubility:  Insoluble.

Grades Available: The most common sizes used in Water Filtration are 0.3 / 0.6mm and 1.4 / 2.36mm.

Quality Control: Amost any size between 0.1 and 3.00mm can be made for customerís specific requirements

Garnets are available that are certified for use in potable water systems. These special garnets do not release any toxic substances into the water supply.

High Specific Gravity gives more control during critical backwash operations; less media is lost to the overflow tanks.

Angular, grains yield more pore space than rounded grains. This gives improves the ability to clean the water and lengthens filter runs

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